Workplace safety

All employers must work with a systematic work environment work

It is the employer’s responsibility to work for a good working environment. With the help of systematic work environment work, employers, together with safety representatives and employees, can prevent or remedy conditions that give rise to work-related stress and achieve a working balance between requirements and resources.

High workload and problems in social interaction common causes of stress

Two of the main risks for work-related stress are high workload and problems related to social interaction in the workplace. Some other common risks are shift work, solitary work and deficiencies in the physical environment.

Employers can prevent work-related stress through organizational measures. It can be about increasing the resources to perform the work or reducing the demands of the work.

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Organizational conditions can lead to abusive discrimination and bullying

Bullying and abusive discrimination at work is primarily a matter for employers and the safety organization at a workplace. It is the employer who is responsible for ensuring that the work environment is healthy and safe and that discriminatory treatment is prevented. A starting point for preventing risks of bullying and abusive discrimination is for the employer to review the organizational conditions in the workplace.

Threats and violence are a serious work environment problem

Employers have a responsibility to design and equip workplaces to prevent the risk of threats and violence as far as possible. With good preventive work, it is possible to create a workplace where staff can feel safe, even in operations where the risk of being exposed to threats and violence at work is significant.

Retail – a vulnerable industry

Retail is an industry where the risk of threatening events and robbery is great. Read about how you can make the store as safe as possible and watch five movies.