This is how you train your endurance

What exactly is endurance and what does it mean for your body? Endurance and fitness are connected to different systems in the body, and we train them in different ways – keep up when I sort out the concepts!

Difference between fitness and endurance

Many people think that endurance and fitness are the same thing, but it is not true and you train them in different ways. Endurance is tied to the nervous system and muscles, while fitness is primarily tied to the heart. A combination of both of them is fantastic for the body – being enduring and having good condition makes you both fast and enduring/tough.

If you really care for fitness, reformer pilates is a good choice.

Endurance training is often specific, when for example a cyclist needs to train endurance, he must train close to the branch – ie cycling. So to be persistent in an area, you need to train in the area where the right muscles are trained.

You can instead train fitness in different ways and with different exercises, which train the heart and lungs. 

Train strength and endurance

When I talk about being strong and enduring, I mainly mean being able to work for a long time without feeling that the power runs out. When I do strength training or run an interval workout, I want to be able to do the entire planned workout without feeling the need to take a break. For me, it is to be strong and enduring.

You can train yourself no matter even if you are an aged person living in Aged care.

Benefits of training & movement

  • You feel more alert and feel better. As the body becomes more relaxed through physical activity, your experience of stress decreases.
  • Jobs, school, yes the whole everyday life usually works better as the ability to concentrate is improved during physical activity.
  • Regular loads and shocks improve the skeleton and make it easier for you to stay injury-free, etc.
  • The effectiveness of the immune system improves and you become less susceptible to infections.
  • I experience that I get happier and a better version of myself when I move regularly. Do you also try to know!

Finally, all the movement that comes off is good. Movement should be fun because then it will be off. Becoming strong and enduring does not happen in one day and it requires continuity of training. Let the process take time and enjoy the journey there. I hope you want to try my classes and give yourself a movement gift.