Little known benefits of retirement villages

Retirement villages are popular choices for many retirees, who look forward to the lifestyle offered by a retirement community, and the chance to spend their time as they wish. Retirement village living brings with it the obvious benefits of community, security and freedom from home and garden maintenance, but there are many other benefits of living in a retirement village that you may never have considered. Such as these.

You’re likely to be more active

Retirement communities provide residents with amenities that are readily accessible and close at hand – meaning people are much more likely to use them. Retirement villages with active facilities leads to residents taking advantage of them, thus improving their activity levels. When something is easy and readily available, you’re far more likely to do it.

As well, living in a community of people also makes it more likely that you’ll become more active by participating in activities with others.

The chance to broaden your horizons

A move to a retirement village doesn’t necessarily have to change your life as much as you might think; in fact, you’re free to live your life just the way you used to before living in the village, if that’s what you desire.

However, as we age it can be all too easy to get stuck in a rut, and do the same things over and over, in the same way, with the same people and at the same time. While there’s nothing wrong with routine, it’s also a good idea to shake it up sometimes and try something new.

Retirement community living may broaden your horizons and provide opportunities to try new things that you may not have considered before. And you never know – you may just end up finding something you love!

No annoying parties!

One of the great things about retirement village living is the fact that you’re less likely to have to suffer through loud and annoying parties thrown by neighbours. Raucous and destructive teenage parties will become a thing of the past, as all your neighbours in the village will be around your age, and less likely to throw a wild party.

That’s not to say that there won’t be parties or any noise, but the chances and frequency of this occurrence is likely to be much less; plus, community members are more likely to respect those around them. Chances are, if there is a party going on, you’ll be invited to it – and you won’t even notice the noise!

Support when you’re vulnerable

While most retirement village residents are healthy and capable of living independently, that can change as you get older. You may think that when your needs change, you’ll need to move out of the village – but that’s often far from the case. Instead, the majority of people can stay right in the community they are comfortable with, and access a range of support services to allow them to stay in their home for longer.

.The retirement village will usually provide help to access services such as Community Aged Care packages or Home and Community Care – great news if the thought of moving is not enticing.

Petrol savings!

That’s just another benefit of having facilities nearby and activities on site – you won’t have to spend as much on petrol to get around! And given the steep price of petrol in the current climate, that’s definitely a very worthwhile thing!

A more efficient and comfortable home

Something that many people might not know, is that retirement homes are specifically designed to make life easier and more comfortable for older people. Retirement homes nowadays are designed to deliver the highest standards in contemporary retirement living.

Your retirement homes will come with a host of features that specifically cater to the needs of retirees – such as north-facing buildings to preserve warmth, no steps, lever door handles, insulated walls and ceilings, comfort glass, non-slip flooring, hob-less shower cubicles and raised light switches and power points. All these features make retirement living a breeze – much more easy, comfortable and convenient that your average house.