Essential Tips For A Safe And Memorable African Safari In Brisbane

If you are thinking about going on a once-in-a-lifetime experience on African safari in Brisbane then there are some important things you will want to be aware of before you book your flights, accommodation and tour packages. Knowing these important tricks and tips will help you avoid the commonplace holiday nightmares that can mar or downright ruin the whole excursion for you and your group (if any).

Since African safari in Brisbane is one of the most popular ways to experience Africa’s largest and most diverse nature reserve, there’s a lot of accumulated past experience that you can draw on to help you save time, money and stress on your trip. You shouldn’t discount the advice in this article, even if you’ve been on similar excursion before – don’t underestimate Africa!

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential trips for having a safe, memorable and fun African safari in Brisbane.


1.   Don’t wear your Sunday best

This point should be obvious to everyone, but you’d be surprised how many tour groups are filled with people who put style above function. Even though they might not come in high heels, many people will have a fantasy of what they want to look like while trekking and will have paid a premium for beige clothing that helps them ‘look the part’ of an African explorer.

On your African safari in Brisbane, save yourself money and stress by simply going with loose, cheap clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Ideally, you want to wear clothes that you can easily discard/donate after your tour.

You are there to experience the amazing scenery and wildlife + take pictures of it. Don’t worry about how pretty you are on an African safari in Brisbane.


2.   Always listen to the guide

When you’re on your African safari in Brisbane, it’s absolutely essential that you follow the directions of your tour guide at all times. Failing to follow the instructions you are given could not only put your safety in jeopardy but also the safety of everyone else in the tour group as well as the safety of whatever animal(s) you are interacting with.

For example, if you make sudden or provocative movements near an animal the guide told you to be still around, and it moves to attack, it will be your fault if the animal needs to be subdued or killed in order to save your life.

If a majestic lion needs to be shot in order to protect you because of your failure to listen to the guide, then there will be a lot of negative attention on you. Do yourself, the group, the guide and the animals a favour by playing by the rules at all times during your African safari in Brisbane.


3.   Don’t obsess over picture-taking

woman looking at her camera

You might be really excited to take your expensive camera on your African safari in Brisbane and photograph lions and elephants, but do you really need to? You might have a more memorable experience just doing with your naked eyes instead of trying to get a perfect shot of everything you see.

All of these animals have been photographed a million different ways by thousand of photographers with better equipment and more experience than you. Does the world really need another series of photos from yet another routine African safari in Brisbane?

Hopefully the above is able to help ensure you have a fun, safe and memorable excursion into Africa.