Design ideas for a paved outdoor living space

Concrete pavers are the ideal choice for creating a visually interesting and attractive outdoor living area. When it comes to patios, courtyards, seating areas or al fresco dining area, concrete pavers should be your first choice.

Not only are they long-lasting, durable, easy to repair and maintain, and very safe, they give you almost unlimited design and aesthetic possibilities and options. When you’re designing your paved outdoor area, give some of these ideas a try.

Design patterns into your paved area

There are literally endless ways you can design a pattern into your paved area! You can use different sizes, shapes, colours, styles and textures of paver to create varied interest. Create a symmetrical and elegant design, or choose one that incorporates more random paver placement for a rustic feel.

Add a paver pattern into your lawn, or add eye-catching accent stones as a feature in your paved area. The sky’s the limit – especially when you choose

pavers from National Masonry’s unique range of artisan-style moulded concrete pavers: which provide a huge range of colours, textures, sizes and finishes to allow you plenty of scope to create a striking pattern.

Mix greenery into your pavers

A really great idea for a captivating look is to intermingle plants among your pavers. Design your paved area with space for groundcovers, architectural grasses, small shrubs or even larger trees. There’s a wide variety of plants that can be used among concrete pavers, and it will really add interest and appeal to your design.

In fact, combine pavers with a whole host of other materials

But don’t stop with plants alone. You don’t just have to limit yourself to greenery among your pavers – there are any number of other options you can combine with your pavers to create an eye-catching feature.

Think timber, pebbles, larger rocks, gravel, tiles – you really are limited only by your own imagination. A quick Google search will give you plenty of ideas for interesting ways to incorporate other elements among pavers.

Add some stepping stones or a path

For a fun and interesting addition to a grassy area, add a creatively designed paved path, or some stepping stones. Not only will this add interest to your outdoor area and make it look larger (as stones and paths will lead the eye in different directions), it will also create a fun play area for the kids.

Design vertically

When thinking about concrete pavers, most people would assume they go on the floor. Of course, they usually do – but you don’t have to stop there. One of the great benefits of concrete pavers is how versatile and adaptable they are. You can use them vertically as well as horizontally, to create features such as:

  • Fire pits
  • Seating
  • Columns and walls
  • Steps
  • Built-in planters
  • Birdbaths
  • Tree seats

There are a few great ideas for starters – and there are plenty more creative ways to use your concrete pavers vertically.

Add some water

If you’re installing a pool or water feature, concrete pavers are the absolute best choice for use around water. Not only are they safe and have strong non-slip properties, they are also cooler to the touch in sunlight than most other flooring materials, such as stone. This makes

them the perfect choice to make your water feature or pool safe and functional – as well as striking to look at.

So, give these options a try when designing your outdoor area – there’s so many ways you can add interest and create an intriguing design with concrete pavers. And choose your pavers from this high-quality range of concrete pavers with almost endless options for your design: