What facilities can you expect at Bunya Mountains Accommodation?

The Bunya Mountains is a spectacular wilderness area in South East Queensland, located about 150km from the coast. This soaring mountain range is pristine, peaceful and majestic, featuring panoramic mountain scenery, lush rainforest and breathtaking views over the plains.

What makes it even better is the accommodation scene. There’s no motels or hotels on the mountains – but there are over 100 home-like properties where you can book a comfortable home-away-from-home for your holiday. All of the properties are managed under the umbrella of the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre – all you need to do is book one of your choice, and then enjoy a holiday in peace, seclusion and privacy. No more holidaying in close proximity to other holiday-makers, having to put up with their noise, mess and commotion. At the Bunya Mountains, it’s literally like walking into your own home, with the properties providing everything you need for a comfortable and well-appointed holiday. You can expect your holiday home to provide you with the following facilities.


Each home comes fully furnished and set up, so that you can walk in and get comfortable straight away. Many of the properties are beautifully decorated and finished, and create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere of home-like comfort. It really is just like home!

Cooking facilities

All the properties will provide everything you need to cook and eat meals in your own home, from ovens and microwaves, to BBQs (complete with gas bottle). You’ll also find pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and everything you need to cook and dine well. And when you’re done, just throw all your gear in the dishwasher – and get on with the relaxing!

Washing facilities

You know how washing can often be a problem when you’re on holiday? At the Bunya Mountains, there’s no communal laundries or clotheslines – just wash your clothes in the comfort of your own laundry, and hang them on your own clothesline to dry. It’s no fuss or hassle – just the ease of home-style washing. Each property comes with a washing machine and laundry facilities, and most have a clothes dryer as well.

Entertainment facilities

The entertainment facilities vary between properties, so it’s a good idea to carefully read the inclusions for the property you are considering if entertainment options are important to you. Most (if not all) properties provide DVD players and TVs; and some will provide extras such as spas, books and magazines, board games, pool tables, and various sporting equipment. Most properties come with a deck, where you can cook, entertain and dine as well as drink in the glorious views, or interact with the friendly local birdlife who will often come to feed on the railings.

Heating and cooling

The Bunya Mountains is usually around 5 – 7 degrees cooler than the surrounding lowlands all year round, and in winter it can get quite chilly. Most properties come complete with a log fire to keep things toasty (all firewood is provided free of charge too), as well as reverse cycle air-conditioning. Electric blankets are also a fairly common inclusion in many properties. Some also provide ceiling fans.


Bedlinen and towels are not an automatic inclusion for every Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre property – but some houses will provide this for you. Check the list of inclusions for each property on the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre website if this is important to you: https://bunyamountains.com.au/accommodation-search/. Some properties will not only provide linen, but will have the beds made up and ready for you – again, just check the website for properties that provide this if this is something you need.


You’ll be able to park cars at your property safely and securely, either on the driveway or in the house’s undercover parking. And your car will be easily accessible at all times. Just make sure you don’t park under the iconic bunya trees during bunya nut season (February to March), as the nuts can weigh up to 8kg, and can cause some serious damage to your car if it happens to be underneath when one falls.

Wheelchair accessibility

While most properties don’t provide wheelchair accessibility features, some do – so seek out those ones if disabled access is something you need.

With all these facilities, you’re sure to have a wonderful holiday at the Bunya Mountains! You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the properties available, from snug units to rambling acreage properties. You’re sure to find something to suit any group size or budget – have a look here to find your new favourite holiday home