Best Advice For Clients Dealing With Upcoming ACAT Assessments in Sydney

The Aged Care Assessment Team or ACAT for short is a group of professional operators who help retirees with their aged care planning.

Those who are successful will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Home Care Package among other ventures.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of making assumptions about what services are available and who is eligible for what, but this is an industry that is continuing to evolve and introduce new initiatives and schemes.

Participants will sit down with these representatives before finalising any support that the recipient is eligible for.

When taking part in ACAT assesments in Sydney, it is worthwhile adhering to best practice in order to get the most out of these provisions for the elderly.


Having a Support Network in Place

Men and women who believe they can go it alone with ACAT assessments in Sydney often struggle the most. This is an exercise that requires attention to detail and the advice of loved ones, providing a level of practical and emotional support. These representations will actually encourage the involvement of a partner, next of kin, or other close family members who can offer additional guidance. Amid the paperwork and consideration about making a transition to an aged care facility or services for the home, their advice and communication with the ACAT operators can only help the process.


Having Documentation & Details Organised

It is a step forward in the right direction when participants of ACAT assessments in Sydney have their documentation and paperwork organised ahead of time. This is a process that can take anywhere between one to two hours, so the sooner this information is provided, the quicker the examination can conclude. It is also beneficial because it allows the applicant to read over the details and understand exactly what they are applying for through the Home Care Package.


Being Aware of the Questions

To get the most out of ACAT assessments in Sydney, it is valuable to learn ahead of time what the key questions will be. Rather than being caught off guard by a subject, this will demonstrate a level of foresight and consideration about future aged care needs. Common questions in this instance can include:

  • What are your health concerns?
  • Do you feel safe at home?
  • What type of support do you receive at the moment?
  • What activities and actions do you carry out independently right now?

These questions are not designed to make individuals feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, but to give team members an insight into their lifestyle and what services they could benefit from through the scheme.


Honesty & Patience is the Only Approach

If there are details that are withheld or information that is not honest, then ACAT assessments in Sydney become a wasted exercise. Honesty is the only means of successfully applying through this program without facing further struggles and complications down the line. The same can be said for patient citizens who allow the process to play out without trying to interfere or rush the necessary steps. The time between the assessment and the ruling is usually no more than 10-14 working days, so there is no need to try and expedite the assessment under any circumstance.


Concerns can be Voiced with Unsuccessful Assessments

ACAT assessments in Sydney will be carried out within a timeframe of two weeks once the specialists have carried out their discussions and reporting. A letter will be delivered from My Aged Care that will provide their verdict. In the event that ACAT assessments in Sydney are unsuccessful, do not fear. Concerns can be lodged with the manager to ensure that they will re-examine the details while remaining in contact with the applicant.