5 Reasons to Invest in Cool Bongs in Australia

Of all the pipes that can be purchased domestically, cool bongs stand out as a quality investment.

Tobacco smokers of all descriptions want to tick a number of essential boxes to consider their acquisition value for money: the taste is good, the cleaning is easy, the item looks good aesthetically, the price is fair and the delivery is looked after.

Fortunately those users Down Under are treated to a range of quality providers who have crafted the best glass designs in the business, making the assets a hot property within the tobacco industry.

Rather than settling for a cheaper product for the sake of convenience, it is worthwhile taking stock of why these pipes provide such long-term value for constituents.


Reason 1: Transparent Smoking Process

The ability to see the smoke being filtered in real time is one of the key benefits to investing in cool bongs in Australia. Part of the beauty of the process is being intoxicated by the aroma of the experience, seeing the smoke being sent through the chamber or chambers before offering a sweet release. Nothing is hidden or left to chance, giving customers a truly transparent perspective on how the pipe delivers the end result. It might be a small detail on the surface, but tobacco users will love being able to see the process in real time.


Reason 2: Safer Experience

Without any excess smoke being produced with cool bongs, users will have a safer experience. This is beneficial for all adult customers, but particularly so for those newcomers to the practice where some doubts or reservations may be had about the exercise. Thanks to the absence of any metals, plastics or woods which would alter the dynamic of the smoke, this is a pure pastime that doesn’t rely on any extra chemicals or compounds.


Reason 3: Easy to Clean

Thanks to the transparency that is on display with cool bongs, these items are incredibly easy to clean. Any residue or stains that are left over from a previous session can be quickly and effectively cleaned out. Just by applying a basic kitchen wash with the aid of some alcoholic wipes, these pipes will be back ready for a fresh tobacco batch. The same cannot be said for many ceramic, plastic and metal brands where that level of transparency is not available, creating logistical difficulties to removing the residue completely off the asset.


Reason 4: Superior Smoking Taste

glass bong

The way in which cool bongs are designed makes for a superior smoking taste for users. Many parallels are drawn between this exercise to drinking beer. Many drinkers will be happy to settle for an alcoholic beverage straight out of a can, but others who know the craft will prefer the substance being poured into a glass. The aftertaste and aroma of the smoke is enhanced in these settings, giving more value to the user than settling for something of lower quality.


Reason 5: Customised Brand Options

While there are many different materials that are available for constituents to opt into, cool bongs provide a wide array of branded options. From the size of the apparatus to the aesthetic range of choice from traditional and modern creations, domestic consumers have the chance to select a pipe that truly works for them. Each provider is ranked according to their proficiency in this space, detailing their pricing policy, returns policy and protection measures through local couriers. This is where cool bongs enjoy a real advantage over their competitors, going the extra mile where alternative materials don’t always have those same luxuries.